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Directed by Edward Zwick- Released by Warner Brothers - 2003

This is one of my favorite projects. I did a lot on this one and work on it for many months. The director was really great to work with - he listened to everyone's ideas and suggestions and you really felt that it wa a collaborative effort to make a great sounding film. I cut all the weapons - pistols, swords, cannons, and bow and arrows.
I am really proud of this work.

Ninja Attack

MI3 Bridge
4.7 megs

This was a classic ninja sword battle so we wanted the swords
to have a very ringy and elegant quality to their hits and slices.

Ronin Attack

MI3 Plane
3.1 megs

The fight itself is fast and brutal but the slo-mo reflection of it had to reflect the smoothness of Tom's reactions and movements...and it just had to sound cool.


MI3 Factory
2.3 megs

I really wanted to accentuate the metal in the cannon fire. It is a delicate
balance as too much ringy metal and you loose the power of the low end boom.
I really like how these turned out.



MI3 Hideout
4.7 megs

Little bit of everything here - guns, impacts, fireballs,
and a million arrows stabbing you in the face.



MI3 Hideout
10.7 megs

A lot of everything - epic battle sequence with guns, swords, horses,
and design moments. The track count on this scene was huge.