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Audio Direction
Sound Design & Supervision
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Directed by J.J. Abrams - Released by Paramount Pictures - 2006

I was in charge of the crashes, explosions, and debris for all the major action sequences except the Shanghai car chase. I also cut a lot of various other design effects throughout the film, such as the tense hideout walk through toward the end of the film. I was present at the final mix of the film on the 20th Century Fox studio lot and was able to contribute to the film all the way to the last day of the project.

Bridge Attack

MI3 Bridge
8.6 megs

I cut everything in this scene except the drone plane and missile sounds.
I love the way this turned out, especially since there is no music mixed in.

Plane Interrogation

MI3 Plane
3 megs

Tom dangles Phillip out of a plane. I cut all sound effects in this scene.
This was one of the first things I cut on the film.

Factory Rescue

MI3 Factory
6.8 megs

I created all the explosions, crashes, and destruction - basically everything except the gun sounds. I worked this scene over continuously the whole time I was on the project. At the end of this clip, I have included all the crashes and explosions in the ensuing helicopter chase.


Hideout Tension

MI3 Hideout
2 megs

This was fun - after a few months of cutting nothing but explosions,
I got to add something subtle to the film. I covered everything in this scene,
including Tom's walking wood creaks.